Forks Farm, Orangeville, PA: John and Todd Hopkins raise pastured poultry, 100% grass-fed beef and lamb, and heritage breed, woodlot pork. Using sustainable and organic farming methods they contribute to the health of the community and environment.

Dancing Hen Farm, Stillwater, PA: Don and Joan Hess use organic farming methods to grow over 50 types of vegetables; specializing in asian greens. Their CSA programs provide families in Columbia and Luzerne counties with vegetables and pastured eggs.

Hearts & Bones Farm, Bloomsburg, PA: Jill and Chris raise a wide array of vegetables using organic methods on a plot of fertile bottom land 3 miles north of downtown Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. The vegetables, as well as eggs from a flock of free-range hens, are marketed through a type of buying club known as a community supported agriculture project, or CSA.

Lilac Hill Farm, Muncy, PA: On Lilac Hill Farm our goal is to raise meat and grow vegetables and fruits guided by the intrinsic nature of each species, layering and integrating  the management of each to improve the health of our soil, animals and plants.

Wild For Salmon, Bloomsburg, PA: Jenn and Steve sustainably harvest wild Sockeye salmon in Alaska and market it out of their Bloomsburg store as well as farmer's markets throughout North East and Central PA. They created this business to provide natural, sustainably harvested salmon products of superior quality, priced for the common good. They believe the health benefits received from wild salmon are an essential part of our mind and body health. As the fishermen, they are able to experience the beauty of Alaska and participate in the native culture of the land.

Gib's Farm, Catawissa, PA: Gib's Farm is a small four-season farm in central Pennsylvania near Knoebels Amusement Park. They grow cut flowers and herbs, as well as nutritionally rich fruit and vegetables. Companion planting, cover crops, crop rotation, compost, and biological controls for pests and disease help us to realize optimum production in minimal space.

Old Tioga Farm, Stillwater, PA: Dillon and Justin Naylor offer a one of a kind Italian dining experience within the intimate setting of their home. They operate a 30 member vegetable and bread CSA program and lead culinary trips to Italy.

Primordia Mushroom Farm, Lenhartsville, PA: A family owned and operated gourmet mushroom farm specializing in chemical-free Shiitake, White Trumpet, Grey Oyster, Golden Oyster, Pink Oyster, Elm Oyster, Maitake, and Lion's Mane varieties.

Columbia County Bread & Granola, Bloomsburg, PA: The bakers at CCB&G prepare selected grains for digestion by sprouting the grain, then incorporating a carefully nurtured culture of wild yeast and beneficial bacteria. CCB&G breads and pita contain no flour, no derived yeast, no preservatives and no additives.  Our sprouted, naturally-leavened breads are highly sought after by diabetics, the gluten intolerant and bread aficionados everywhere.

Limestone Springs Preserve, Richland, PA:  Supplied with artesian spring water from a 19th century limestone quarry, Aqua-life Inc.'s Limestone Springs Trout Hatchery and Fishing Preserve near Myerstown, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, offers recreational rainbow trout fishing as well as trout stocking and food service trout products year round.

Anson Mills, Columbia, South Carolina: Anson Mills specializes in handmade mill goods from organic heirloom grains.

Tap Root Farm, Shoemakersville, PA: Embracing the principles and practices of Organic farming, Taproot Farm produces the highest quality vegetables, fruits and eggs. Taproot Farm is a family farm, founded in 2009 by farmer George Brittenburg and his wife Ola Creston. Together, with their devotion to sustainable agriculture and healthy food, they strive to make the farm an exciting and productive source of healthy, fresh food in the region.

Valley Milkhouse, Oley, PA: Valley Milkhouse is an artisan creamery producing fresh and aged cheeses, butter and yogurt in Berks County, PA. They are inspired by the European tradition of developing a cheese’s character through its rind. They handcraft each cheese with special attention to texture, and seek to allow the terroir of the region to shine. Their milk comes from Berks County's Spring Creek Farm, a certified organic dairy raising a mixed herd of Jersey, Ayrshire and Holstein cows that are fed a 100% grass based diet. Seasonally, they work with a local sheep's milk dairy to produce cheeses made with sheep-cow blends.

Nut Creek Farm, Danville, PA: Nut Creek Farm is focused on providing high-quality produce for Danville area residents grown free of synthetic pesticides or herbicides. Growing food the pre-industrial way is more physical work but is better tasting as well as healthier and safer for the body. As a physician, Farmer John Jaramillo has committed himself full-time to improving health through providing food using organic methods. The farm's certification as Naturally Grown expresses their commitment to accountability in sustainable, healthier food production.  

Forks Mountain Family Farm, Forksville, PA:  Forks Mtn. Family Farm is a small biointensive farm nestled in the Endless Mountains of Sullivan County. They are a family owned operation that includes Neil and Serena Apichella along with Serena's parents Mike and Nadine Molyneux. On their small farm they raise a wide variety of produce, shiitake mushrooms, lamb, beef, pork and pastured poultry. They also harvest their own honey and make their own maple syrup. They are dedicated to sustainability and strive to produce a pure, natural product.

Bad Fish Farm, Stillwater, PA:  A family run farm nestled in the hills of Columbia County raising vegetables, herbs, eggs with love and creativity. 

Lansdisdale Farm, Jonestown, PA:  Landisdale Farm is a family owned and operated certified organic farm located in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. They focus on healthy soils, healthy plants, and bring you the the results: healthy veggies.

Small Valley Milling, Halifax, PA: A small, Certified Organic farm and mill, growing spelt and processing it into various kinds of flour since 1970.

Fasta & Ravioli Co., Pleasant Gap, PA: They provide the highest quality pastas using durum and semolina flours and fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to create an extensive variety of unique pasta products and sauces. Fasta & Ravioli Company has an on-going commitment to employee growth and promotion from within, while striving to be a socially responsible and eco-friendly company that is active in the community. They make more than 60 varieties of pasta, which are available at their shop, farmers’ markets, and at other local retail outlets in the State College area.

*The Blind Pig Kitchen sources a selection of raw and pasteurized cow, sheep and goat's milk cheeses from Pennsylvania, Maryland and Vermont. Our providers include: LeRaysville Cheese Factory, Calkin's Creamery, Shepherd's Manor Creamery, Firefly Farms Creamery, Camelot Valley  and Goat Rodeo.